Perfect Feet offer a range of services from general foot care to biomechanical assessments. All of our staff are trained in the assessment and management of the diabetic foot and can also offer a nail surgery service. Every assessment and treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Routine foot care

Whether it is simple nail cutting, painful corns, unsightly callus or ingrown toenails Perfect Feet have you covered! We can diagnose and conservatively treat all these issues under a routine Chiropody session.

Verrucae treatments

Use of caustics and acids

Perfect feet utilize the use of caustics and Acids as a pain free solution to the management of stubborn Verrucae. These treatments are designed to damage the Verrucae (which is a virus of the skin) and activate your immune system to the affected skin in order to clear the virus. Please note results cannot be guaranteed and multiple sessions’ maybe required.

Painful feet

The foot has 28 different bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles that must work together to allow us to walk and run efficiently. Biomechanical assessments can identify problematic issues with a person’s gait and foot type that may lead to related foot pain.

The assessment compromises of a full medical history of the complaint, a examination of the alignment of your feet, knees and hips and also of the flexibility of the muscles of your lower limb. This holistic approach will diagnose
the problem and help formulate a treatment plan.

Treatment usually compromises of tailored advice to help improve symptoms, a muscle stretching plan, prescriptive insoles or custom made orthotics to help improve gait and alleviate the condition.

Nail surgery

Nail surgery is offered to clients who have developed problematic nails which cause discomfort, bleed or become concurringly infected due to ingrowing nail spikes.

If suitable, the toe is numbed using two local anaesthetic injections, the problematic nail is then either partially removed (the problematic side) or fully removed and a acid called phenol is used to ensure the problematic nail does not grow back.

A large sterile dressing is applied and you are reviewed 2-3days later in which you will be shown how to look after it at home and how to apply a smaller sterile dressing. After this appointment you are able to wear appropriate closed toe shoes.